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Erica Evans [V]
6 May
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· Erica Evans-McClane ·

Name: Erica Evans
Age: 37
Rank: First in command in the FBI's counter-terrorism department/leader of a world terrorism ring.
Physical Appearance: Approximately 5'9, willowy but strong frame. Blonde hair cut to shoulder length, piercing blue eyes.
Spouse: John McClane
Brief Bio: Erica is a Special Agent leading the task force against the anti-V movement by day, and the leader of the 5th Column (the anti-V terrorist organization) by night. After her son was murdered by the Vs, their leader blissed the world into submission. The bad guys won.

· hearts & minds ·

Erica arrived in the village twice. The first time was just after a car accident, and she was carried to the clinic by John McClane. Later they dated, then were married on June 11, 2011. Shortly after, Erica went home and lived through the murder of her son before arriving back in the village. Months later, on February 13th, 2012, Erica gave birth to their daughter, Madeline Marjorie.

· disclaimer ·

I am not affiliated with V, ABC, or Elizabeth Mitchell. This journal is for role play purposes only.

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